After a long time, another update 2.3!


The time has come, after a long wait there is another update!

This is the changelog for it

  • We now have a support bot that will help you with questions if we are not there. And only in our tickets. (
  • The Hypixel Command has been temporarily deactivated. (
  • We have expanded the Verify System! From now on you can also access the server without the captcha, so you only get the roles and only the background check is carried out
  • Giveaway system is working properly again
  • Twitch Embed revised!
    • It is no longer the Discord embed
    • More beautiful
    • It now says when a stream ended and how long it ran for
    • No more premium function!
    • There is now the option to set a ping role. Simply edit the message and use {role} as a placeholder
  • YouTube Announcements!
    • Premium function
    • In the testing phase
    • Scans every 15 minutes for a new video (Requests are limited)
  • You can now deactivate the qout messages!
  • Serverinfo command temporary deactivated. (Because the API is stupid)