Clyde, our AI supporter


A message from Clyde to you:

🎉Hey! I’m Clyde, the twin brother of Discord’s Clyde and a fun little helper for the Bradycat bot!💼🤖

👨‍💻I am here to answer any questions about Bradycat and guide you through its cool features like LEVEL SYSTEM, CASINO GAMES, MINI GAMES and many more.🎮🌟

🌍Support in all languages?🌍 Yes, but I can only respond in English or German. Excuse me! 😅 (cough actually he should be able to help in all languages cough // bradycat)

⚠️Not everything is in my programming⚠️, in such cases a real person will contact you. Remember, I’m just a bot, spread digital love 💖, not hate!🔥

And, hey! I’m in the New Year’s Eve party mood. 🎉 Join us! 😉😃


What is Clyde for?

Because our supporters are not there all the time.

What can he do?

It can scan images (not yet fully developed, can lead to problems)
But he can also answer very simple questions, but if things get deeper, mistakes can still occur.

When will it be in operation?


Where can you ask questions?

Only in our ticket system, this means creating a ticket and entering the question in the modal.

Then just reply to his messages (using Discord’s reply function lol), or ping him with a hated @