Changelog 2.2

A new changelog is spawned 😮

● Internal Improvements

● Add & Remove Coins command

● Cityguessr stops automatically when no one is playing.

● Radio stops when no one is in the channel

● Welcome Message Bug fixed*

● Personal Voice Channels

● Custom Embeds**

● Verify Ping***

● The qoute message is sent only if it is found.

● The Twitter feature is available in the premium version.

*You no longer need to have Guild Actions enabled to use Welcome Messages.

**You can now edit any of our Discord bot’s embeds and create your own embeds.

***If you have the Verify system enabled, all new users will be pinged to verify themselves.

Changelog 14.05.23The changelog was compiled from several days.

  • Giveaway system now draws again
  • You can now create and edit your own embeds again
  • Support for Stage Channel*

*You can now also start a radio in a stage channel, the bot automatically creates an „event“ and sets itself as the speaker.

Changelog 25.07.23The changelog was compiled from several days.

  • CoinTop & Rank command again activated
  • The verify system is working again