Changelog 2.1


  • Internal improvements
  • NEW Game! CityGuessr (Temporary premium only)
  • MORE Minecraft Support (/hypixel)
  • NEW Features! Ticket System and Survey System
  • NEW Radio! FlashbassFM^^^
  • Added Clear command
  • XP are not counted in tickets. Request feedback
  • You can now disable the Games, Casino Commands and more!^^^^
  • Node System added^
  • The message which radio was played was edited.^^
  • Error message added in case no response come from the API’s.
  • Fixed that the message „You have already voted!“ was displayed to everyone.
  • Fixed that the welcome message was not sent.
  • Fixed that you can get negative coins at Cityguessr.

^This means that we can run the bot on multiple servers/instances. This is built in but not yet active.

^^There is now the description of the radio. Some come from the radio station itself.

^^^Now that we have a new radio, we had to change something in the radio structure, so the radios have new numbers. We ask you to reset the radios, because otherwise the radios will be played that you have not actually selected.

^^^^Unfortunately, you have to enable the individual features via /enablefeature because they are disabled by default.

We hope you like the update, we had to change a lot in the background, that everything works smoothly. Please report us the errors.